Maple Leaf Greenery


Dear Community,

With the COVID-19 outbreak evolving fast, Maple Leaf Greenery has made necessary accommodations to our operation to keep staff employed and provide our customers with responsible access to cannabis. We have taken the following measures at MLG, with health, safety and community in mind: 

Reduced Store Hours:
We have reduce our operating hours to 10am – 7pm (Mon-Sat), and 11am – 5pm (Sun). 

Routine Disinfection:
Due to federal regulations surrounding cannabis packaging and storage, there are few remaining points of contact: Cannabis isn’t openly available on shelves for customers to pick up, and it comes pre-packed by producers, reducing much of the risk of exposure and transmission. The points of contact which do remain (door handles, payment terminals, storage drawer handles) are now routinely wiped down with antibacterial spray in between purchases to ensure that they are safe to interact with. 

Payment Preference: 
Although we would prefer you to pay by card, we are still accepting all forms of payment. To ensure the continued safety of both our customers and staff, we are sterilizing all cash and debit machines at the end of each transaction.

Social Distance:
At this time we want to remind our patrons that we are quite serious about maintaining social distancing and sterilization. This means being aware of the space around you and the distance between you and our staff who are serving safely from behind the counter. We have identified and installed social distancing queue spots in the store, and ask customers to respect the space of others.

Recycling Program, Tablets, Smell Jars: 
Although we are continuing our container recycling program, we are asking customers to refrain from using the tablets and smell jars. Suspending the use of these things removes the main points of contact in-store, and therefore reduces the risk of exposure for our customers and staff. 

Please remember that our menu is online and up to date through our website. This means you can browse the offerings and limit time spent in the store.

These are some of the measures that we are currently taking at MLG to ensure the safety of our store amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.  This is not a time to take the current situation lightly.  We can continue to operate in a responsible manner, and we will continue to be here for you. 

Thank you…

The Maple Leaf Team